About Us
Coastal Plus Medical Center


Our Values

Since our inception, Coastal Plus has provided Jacksonville with the highest quality health care possible. Our friendly and caring group of staff and providers treat the patient, not the condition.

Our Mission
We are committed to providing the highest standard of care to our patients and their families. We will make every effort to meet the health care needs in a timely fashion, and provide our patient, the most effective, comprehensive care.

Reaching Our Goals
To achieve our mission, we have taken a revolutionary approach to our facilities, taking health care out of the box. We are making medicine work for you.

A Full Service Medical Center
Whether you need a physical, physical therapy or both, these needs can be accommodated at our multi-discipline center.

The Right Equipment
From blood work and digital x-rays, we have the essential equipment needed to accurately diagnose and treat the various conditions.

Experienced Providers and Caring Staff
Our staff takes are trained understand your condition and treatment. We embrace multicultural diversity and many of our staff members are bilingual.

Coordination of care is important for Coastal Plus Medical Center providers. Our referral sources are well established in every area of medicine. If specialized care is required, our extensive list of specialists can be coordinated with the healthcare plans and the appropriate referrals can be provided.

Coastal Care Medical Center

11761 Beach Blvd, Suite 8
Jacksonville, FL, 32246
Phone: 904-642-3304
Fax: 904-642-8375

Family Medicine:

Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm
Physical Medicine:
Monday thru Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

If you are new to Coastal Plus Medical you can save time by printing our “New Patient”, paperwork and filling it out at home before your first visit.

Coastal Plus Medical Center