Dr. Ramon Ruiz, MD

Ramon Ruiz, MD

Ramon Ruiz, MD

Medical Doctor

Dr. Ruiz graduated from San Juan Bautista School of Medicine in 1999. Shortly after completing his transitional residency, he began working as an Emergency Room attending physician while building up his Family Medicine practice in Trujillo Alto, PR. After 16 years of a successful private practice and a short stint with the VA Healthcare system in EL Paso, TX, he relocated with his family to Jacksonville, FL. He has served the local community for the past 6 years not only in primary care, but also managing cases of occupational medicine. He is also certified as a D.O.T. Medical examiner. With more than 20 years of experience, his goal is to educate his patients in the prevention of chronic illnesses through a healthy lifestyle.

“I believe that achieving optimal health is a team effort between the patient and his provider. In order for me to achieve that, I need to lead by example practicing what I preach and always willing to listen to all my patients’ concerns with a caring and compassionate attitude. The better my patients understand their bodies and their conditions, the better chance they will have for a long, active and healthy life.”

Dr. Ruiz is also an accomplished athlete. As a swimmer and water polo player he represented his country, and as a triathlete he has completed several Ironman races. In his free time he enjoys playing music with his kids and watching them compete in their respective sports.

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