Women’s Health and GYN

Women’s Health and GYN Exams

Women have distinctive needs. Many medical conditions and diseases manifest different symptoms in women than in men. As a result, healthcare needs change from young adulthood to the reproductive years and beyond. Your primary care doctor is here to be your partner, enhancing your well being at every stage of life.

Health screening

Pap smears: The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends screening for cervical cancer in women age 21 to 65 years. Pap smear test is a short in-office procedure and it is done as part of a routine gynecological exam.

Screening mammogram: Women aged 40 to 44 years should have the choice to start annual breast cancer screening with mammograms if they wish to do so. The risks of screening as well as the potential benefits should be considered. Women aged 45 to 49 years should get mammograms every year (American Cancer Society 2015).

Screening for colon and rectal cancer: For people at average risk for colon-rectal cancer, the American Cancer Society recommends starting regular screening at age 45. This can be done either with a sensitive test that looks for signs of cancer in a person’s stool (a stool-based test), or with an exam that looks at the colon and rectum (a visual exam).

Family planning

Many elements need to be considered when choosing the most appropriate contraceptive method. These elements that include safety, effectiveness, availability, accessibility, affordability and acceptability are in detail discussed and examined prior to deciding the best family planning method.

Hormone replacement therapy

As a natural part of the life process, the hormonal production diminishes over time. Changing hormone levels can cause severe discomfort and some health risks like mood swings, sleep dysfunction, hot flashes and night sweats, lack concentration and memory impairment, vaginal dryness, and increased risk for for osteoporosis. Hormone replacement therapy can improve these symptoms.

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